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National Strategic Plan to end Gender Based Violence

In post-democratic South Africa, women continue to experience both private and public exclusion, inequality, subservience and male domination. Progressive legislation and policies to address GBV have been enacted, such as the 2007 Sexual Offenses Act, and the ratification of treaties like the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development and the UN Convention to Eliminate All forms of Discrimination against Women. However, due to the lack of political will and resources allocated to the meaningful implementation of these policies, there structures envisioned by these reforms have not worked as envisioned. The criminal justice system fails to provide justice in the majority of GBV cases, supportive services for survivors of violence are shrinking under funding constraints, and little is invested in preventing GBV. This status quo will remain in the absence of a coherent national strategy and committed full-funding.

Tshwaranang is part of a national coalition of civil society organisations that are dedicated to the development and adoption of a fully-funded NSP for GBV by the South African government.  In pursuit of this goal the coalition will pursue the following Strategy:

  • Build activism and a national movement through community engagement and mobilisation.
  • Exert pressure on decision makers by increasing public understanding of the need for a fully-funded NSP
  • Build skills of civil society organisations to hold government to account 


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No one department or NGO will be able to end the violence or improve the response alone if we don't work together as a country

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